OneRiver Media’s multitude of professional services is the core of our long standing passion in this industry. Three decades of developed craftsmanship in individual facets of media production has evolved into a mastery of all things media.

Professional Services For All Projects

Professional Services For All Projects

No matter the size or budget of your project, OneRiver Media’s services spans far and wide, adapting to any client’s media production needs. From cinematic 5K video acquisition to straightforward video editing, we can cover all your basis, saving you time, money, and most of all, making the process enjoyable and fun; all because these professional services are under one roof.



Photo ©2015 OneRiver Media. On the set of NEXUS The Critical Phase.

Before there’s a production day, there’s always pre-production. The more planned out this phase of the project is, the better the final outcome will be. It’s here that all organized decisions will be made.


    • Project Assessment
    • Project Management
    • Budgeting
    • Location Scouting
    • Script Writing
    • Casting
    • Storyboard/Animatics



Photo ©2015 OneRiver Media. The RED Dragon at OneRiver Media

No matter the type of production you need, OneRiver Media can cover it. From RED Dragon 5K production to audio production, our professional production services are always high quality.


    • Cinematography/Video Shooting
    • Still Photography Shooting
    • Location Audio Recording
    • Voice-Over/Instrumental Recording
    • Branding Campaigns/Logo Design
    • Logo/Branding Visual Mockups


    • RED Dragon 5K
    • URSA Mini Pro 4.6K (EF, PL, B4 mounts)
    • URSA Mini 4.6K EF
    • URSA 4K
    • Production Camera 4K (x2)
    • Cinema Camera 2.5K (x2)
    • Pocket Cinema Camerea
    • Micro Cinema Camera
    • Canon (5D Mk III, Mk II, 7D), Panasonic GH5
    • GoPro Hero Black Edition (x2)
    • Video Assist 4K Recorder
    • ARRI Alexa, Canon C500, Sony F55 availability


    • 12-foot/6-foot Kessler Crane with Remote Turret
    • Dana Dolly (4, 8, 12-foot speed rails)
    • Kessler 3-foot Cineslider with support arms
    • Doorway Dolly, tracks, wedges
    • Dual-arm motion stabilizer
    • Single-arm motion stabilizer
    • Kessler Pocket Jib
    • Edelkrone SliderPlus
    • Tyto-C 3-axis gimbal stabilizer


    • Kino Flo 4-bank 4-foot 2-light Gaffer Kit with accesories
    • ARRI 650, ARRI T2 2K tungsten fresnel lights
    • Various assortment of LED panels (1×1, 500, ring-lights, etc.)
    • Various sized fluorescent constant lighting
    • Various strobe systems (still photography)
    • Grip, stands, flags, scrims, gells, etc.
    • 1T, 3T, and 5T grip truck availability


    • Zoom F8 Digital 8-track recorder
    • Tascam DR-680 Digital 8-track recorder
    • Tascam DR100 Mk II Digital 2-track recorder
    • Zoom H4n Digital 4-track recorder
    • Dedicated 5.1 Surround Acquisition
    • Sound Devices MixPre-D 2-channel mixer
    • Juiced Link CX231 2-channel mixer
    • Various multi-output headphone DAs
    • Various wireless lav, inc. Sennheiser AVX MKE2
    • Various wired lav, inc. Sanken COS-11D
    • Various Sennheiser shotgun mics



Photo ©2015 OneRiver Media. The Audio Control room at OneRiver Media.

Using the latest technologies in video, audio, and visual effects in combination with OneRiver Media’s 3 decades of creative and technical experience, ensures your project requests will get done correctly, efficiently, and beautifully. We don’t mess around with this stuff… it’s what we live for and have based our reputation on it for decades.


    • Video Editorial – Any Format/Resolution
    • Visual Effects, Digital Compositing
    • Motion Tracking, Match Moving, Stabilization
    • 3D Modeling/Animation/Rendering
    • Traditional 2D Animation
    • Particle Effects, Fluid Dynamics, Physics-based Motion, Collision Detection
    • Audio Mixing/Sweetening/Mastering (2.0 – 5.1)
    • Music Composition/Scoring
    • ADR Recording/Editing
    • Sound Effects & Foley
    • Audio Repair (noise, reverb, hum, ambience, dialog)
    • Broadcast Audio Legalization
    • Color Grading/Timing/Repair
    • Skin Smoothing, Age Reduction, Repair
    • Broadcast Video Legalization
    • Digital Encoding/Transcoding



Photo ©2015 OneRiver Media. Full house presentation by Marco Solorio.

OneRiver Media takes things a step further with complete delivery services. OneRiver Media has been instrumental throughout the history of video codecs, compression, and decompression technologies and techniques. So much so that Marco Solorio (owner of OneRiver Media) has consulted with various companies (including Apple) on the very technology, with white papers on the topic, translated into many languages.

With this in mind, OneRiver Media will test and evaluate your finished video’s output encoding format to ensure specified data-range size, quality, and efficiency. Using various technologies and trade secret techniques, your video will look and sound the best it can be for the specified delivery method you’ve requested, including YouTube, website, DVD, Blu-ray, kiosk display, production workflow, archiving, or anything else that may be needed.

If interactivity and custom authoring is a request, we can provide engaging programs as well. Having started interactive multimedia since the day it was available for CD-ROM in the mid- 1990’s, OneRiver Media has grown with the technology to what it is today.

If web streaming is your requirement, OneRiver Media’s subsidiary company, “” will ensure your live event is broadcasted to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and/or a private secure portal we can build, complete with your company’s ID branding. For greater detail on this service, please visit for complete information.

Lastly, if your video needs to meet strict broadcast legalization, we can implement those services as well, for both video and/or audio. We utilize specific tools for this very process, ensuring your targeted broadcast engineer will pass your video and audio for broadcast.

Streaming by


    • Complete LIVE Streaming Services
    • YouTube/Vimeo Encoding Optimization
    • Project Archiving
    • DVD Encoding & Authoring
    • Blu-Ray Encoding & Authoring
    • Disk Duplication & Replication
    • Broadcast Audio & Video Legalization
    • NTSC/PAL Standards Conversions
    • Digital-to-tape Transfers

Photo ©2015 OneRiver Media. The Master Edit Suite at OneRiver Media.