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Jack Kulp recording voice-overtracks in OneRiver Media's sound booth

Today we worked on a long-term project with a company called Syneron and their ePrime product. Our client flew in from Boston last night and flew back out today at the end of the day’s edit. Now that’s dedication!

In the middle of the day, Jack Kulp came in for scheduled voice-over recordings that we needed for the ePrime video edit. Those in the San Francisco Bay Area will know Jack from his morning radio shows on 96.5, KOIT FM. Great guy, great voice talent.

It’s always wonderful working with voice-over talent like Jack, where they can read lines perfectly, even when there’s technical jargon thrown in the mix. After the recording session was done, Jack complimented on how well our recording booth sounded, which was a treat to hear, considering Jack is a voice-talent veteran.

Marco Solorio sitting behind the ProControl mixing console with Jack Kulp on mic in the booth

We use our Neumann TLM-103 on Jack, which matches him very well. We have an Electro-Voice RE-20 mic that would sound great on him too (which he most likely uses at the radio station), but we feel the Neumann is perfect for him. Engineering was done on our Digidesign ProControl system, running ProTools HD.

As always, the tracks Jack recorded were excellent. After Jack left, we hopped back in the main edit suite and pulled the voice-over tracks over the network from the audio control room.  The tracks were then dropped into Final Cut Pro for the video project.

The great thing about having all production and post-production resources in one facility is that it makes for incredibly fast workflows and enormous flexibility. This also eliminates any trans-facility errors and delays, the client is right there for every step of the process, and reduces the overall cost from hiring multiple facilities for different tasks. A value-added benefit for our clients that reinforces our commitment for complete media services.

OneRiver Media's recording studio

OneRiver Media's main edit suite

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  1. November 8, 2011    

    Very nice video edit suite.

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