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Wow, looks like we’re on a roll! First, Avid publicly responded to our request for AJA Kona integration with Media Composer (the first we saw them do). And now, AJA responds to our begs and pleads over at Creative Cow; another public response first.

I like the direction Avid and AJA are going. At this point, it’s difficult to even open and use FCP7 anymore, now that I’ve transitioned over to Media Composer. The functionality and customization it employs just reaches out to me. The sooner we can get Kona hardware input and output (the latter being the key element as of now) in Media Composer, the happier I will be.

Thank you Avid, and thank you AJA for speaking out. Ex-FCP users across the board are cheering with joy!

The reply to my AJA+Avid inquiry at CreativeCow.net by AJA president, Nick Rashby.

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  1. Glad to hear Kona support may be coming to Avid. That’s one of my big issues as I’m migrating away from FCP as well. I’ve also been giving Premiere another shot after staying away from it for many years, but the Kona support there is buggy and doesn’t work nearly as well as it does in FCP 7.

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