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Couldn’t believe it when I received a tweet back today. Could AJA Kona 3 owners really be in luck with Avid Media Composer? It’s looking good to me!


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  2. The nanosecond Avid allows Media Composer to function with the Aja Kona 3 card, on Mac, I’m back from my (temp) FCP romance, and will stay with Media Composer forever…

    I have state-of-the-art hardware which includes a Kona 3 and Prism ADA8XR audio interface, ALL hobbled by FCP.

    I’m ready to return to Media Composer…

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          Ah yes! My brain was thinking, “What’s this ‘Nanosecond Avid’ hardware that I don’t know about that lets you run Kona 3 with it?” Haha! Can’t believe I completely miss-read that one! I guess that shows how badly I want Kona integration. At least the Avid event last Wednesday shows that they are indeed opening up their hardware base to just about everyone: AJA, Matrox, BMD, BlueFish 444 (surprising) and MOTU (very cool). Looks like Avid’s not going to miss the boat on this one, or they’d be done for good.

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      Wish we could go with Smoke for OSX as well, but at $17k plus yearly contracts, it just doesn’t work for us.

      With Avid’s newest confirmation that they’re opening up hardware options for AJA, Blackmagic Design, Matrox, BlueFish444 and MOTU, I have a feeling hardware support will open up sooner than later.

  3. I missed the “nanosecond Avid” meaning too. But I’m not going near Media Composer until they actually make it work with the Kona 3. Until then it’s no good to me. And by that time I might be so into Premiere Pro that it doesn’t make sense to switch again.

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