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A message from Grant Petty, Founder and CEO of Blackmagic Design to Marco Solorio, Owner of OneRiver Media:


I was really amazed with Marco’s camera tests of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. With this camera, we had dozens of engineers who spent many hours and long nights working hard to get amazing film like images from a camera that everyone could afford.

However, what that means is thousands of hours working with electronics, machined metals, color science and software code, all in the hope that it’s going to produce the images you only dreamed it could. Marco’s test was significant because it showed what the Blackmagic Cinema Camera could do from a creative point of view, and in the end, that’s what matters.

I think it’s so easy to get caught up in the technical issues, with many camera purists being critical. However, I think that’s misunderstanding what the Blackmagic Cinema Camera was designed to be. It was designed to be a camera that had the technology to give a cinematic film look, while including recording to allow all that quality to be captured, in file formats editing software use at an overall price people could actually afford.

Marco has shown what kinds of images you can get, and I think in the end that’s what that matters the most. It’s very exciting. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I was really surprised watching Marco’s comparison video. We learned a lot from it as well!



Wow, well isn’t that nice! Thank you so much, Grant. This truly made my day!  I know you guys are intensely trying to get the camera out to the masses, so I truly appreciate your time in writing this. I know that once the camera gets out to all those waiting hands, those people will be as excited and happy with the camera as I have been all this time. As I’ve said before, I’m incredibly grateful that you guys trusted me with the camera before its release, and am happy you and your team found value in my shooting and testing of the camera. In the end, it helped me, Blackmagic Design, and those that will be getting their cameras with updates that I helped have a hand in; everyone wins!

Cheers to you and your team, thank you again, as I’m deeply appreciative.

Okay, I’m off to go shoot some more fun stuff with the Cinema Camera!


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